What are good ideas for baby shower? When it comes to infants, there are a few tried-and-true conversations that people adore having. They are naming the kid (with names they like and despise, of course); gushing over how lovely newborn clothing are; and — arguably the most enjoyable of all — discussing the baby shower.

What are Good Ideas for Baby Shower? 10 Best

That’s because the baby shower is often be filled with joy and excitement. Also, this brings family members together.

There are different ways to have a perfect baby shower. Whatever approach you choose, you should focus on the best ideas.

Here, you’ll find creative and entertaining baby shower theme ideas for 2023 for events of all shapes and sizes. This comes along with suggestions for food and decorations.

What are Good Ideas for Baby Shower?

Below are some of the top ideas for baby shower party:

Homemade Ice Cream Bar

What are good ideas for baby shower? Have you considered a homemade ice cream bar? Has the future parent been having ice cream cravings at midnight? Go all out with a decadent ice cream bar like this one, which is also beautiful.

Create a Cup for Charcuterie

Try these charcuterie cups. With it, you can either set on your food table or separately at each guest’s seat, an appetizer that looks elegant but is also quite easy to execute.

The cups can be customized to meet several themes, such as utilizing only sweets or breakfast foods.

Rattling Bath Bombs

What are good ideas for baby shower? You can make baby rattle bath bomb gift. This can be made with a Cricut and a few other straightforward items like a glue gun and bath bombs — in whatever color best suits your theme.

Have a Decoration for Fur Hearts

This is another good idea for baby shower. It is a charming and distinctive heart, faux fur. And it comes in a plethora of different colors. It can take the center stage.

Also, it can be hung as is, framed, or even placed on a wooden background for a more rustic appearance, as seen in this post.

Favor Mulling Spices

You can also have a favor mulling spice. Although these cute tiny jars of mulling spices are often created for Thanksgiving, they would also make a unique favor for a baby shower.

This could be with a fall theme or one that is simply held in the second half of the year. Interestingly, they are easy to manufacture yourself in just five simple steps.

Have Balls of Sunflower Kissing

Here is another good idea for a baby shower. It comes with a “you are my sunshine” theme.

What is the trick to making these cute “sunflower kissing balls”? The answer is Whiffles that are yellow.

Additionally, you can just put them on a dessert table or even use them as centerpieces if you’re throwing your party at a location where you can’t hang them.

Designing a DIY Headband Project

Consider making headbands as an alternative to the standard. How to do this? Simply set out some ribbons, glue, and other decorations, then sit back and watch your visitors become creative.


Have a Desserts with Hand-Painting

What are Good Ideas for Baby Shower?

These exquisite hand-painted sugar cookies would look lovely both wrapped and distributed as party favors during a baby shower and on a dessert table.

The best part is that, despite their appearance, they can be put together quickly and, of course, may be integrated with your color scheme.

A Library-Theme Invitation

This adorable and inventive invitation, created especially for a “book-themed” baby shower, evokes the feel of a vintage card catalogue.

To truly make it feel finished, include a plethora of additional details, such as bookmark favors.

Umbrella Decorations

What are good ideas for baby shower? This is another enjoyable concept for a baby shower party.

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