What are some indoor party games? Make your child’s party a hit by engaging the young guests in active and fun-filled indoor party games.

What are Some Indoor Party Games: Top 10

You can adopt some fun-filled games to suit your party’s theme, the number of guests, and their ages. Plus, with a few adjustments, you can ensure a safe and breakable-free play environment.

Are you ready to learn about some very interesting games for indoor parties? Let’s go then if you are ready.

What are Some Indoor Party Games?

Below are some indoor party games for your kids to enjoy with friends:

Hula Hoop Challenge

Give each child a hula hoop and have them see how long they can keep it spinning. If someone drops their hoop, they’re out.

If space is limited, organize head-to-head competitions to keep the excitement going.

Shoebox Relay Race

Securely tape lids to shoeboxes and cut slits on top. Have the kids slip them on for a Bigfoot race.

If space is a concern, turn it into a relay race. Add a creative twist to fit your theme by painting boxes silver for a space-themed party, decorating them as animal hooves or paws, or drawing racing stripes for a race car theme.

Gift Stacking Challenge

Before unwrapping the party gifts, use them for a game. Set aside fragile packages and challenge guests to create creative stacks of presents.

Divide the kids into two groups and have them work together to recreate stacked arrangements with the gifts. Time them using a stopwatch for added excitement.

One If by Land, Two If by Sea

What are some indoor party games? Mark a line on the ground and appoint one child as the caller. The caller will shout “land,” “sea,” or “air,” and the other kids must jump behind the line, jump over it, or jump straight up accordingly. Anyone who makes a mistake or jumps on the line is out.

Indoor Soccer with a Twist

If your party has a sports or soccer theme but you’re indoors, improvise by using crumpled paper or balloons as “balls” for an indoor-friendly game.

Food Fight (Clean Version)

What are Some Indoor Party Games?

Replace actual food with shaving cream and Cheetos or popcorn. Provide everyone with shaving cream crowns (shower caps or ponchos) and let the food fight begin! It’s hilarious and messy but easy to clean up afterward.

Bubble-icious Catch

What are some indoor party games? Give kids socks to wear on their hands and blow bubbles. Have them try to catch the bubbles or pass them in a circle without popping. This game encourages teamwork and coordination.

Leader Game (Secret)

Designate one child as the guesser and another as the leader. The leader starts making subtle motions, and all the other players mimic the actions. The guesser tries to identify the leader by observing the movements.

Cup Creations

Stock up on plastic cups and play various games or build structures with them. The cups are versatile and can be used creatively for lots of fun activities.

Classic Party Games with a Twist

Classic Party Games with a Twist

What are some indoor party games? Don’t forget about the classics! Games like balloon stomp, beanbag toss, freeze dance, hide and seek, limbo, Simon says, and treasure hunt can be customized to fit your party’s theme.


Now, you have an exciting lineup of games to make your child’s party a memorable and tiring (in a good way!) experience for all the guests.

Whether you’re hosting the party indoors in your living room, garage, basement, or even in a park shelter due to outdoor plans getting foiled, these games will keep the young ones engaged and entertained throughout the celebration. So, let the fun begin!

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