Are you wondering what to put in a 5 year old party pack? Worry no more. Here is a complete guide on what you can include in a five-year-old party gift bag.

It might interest you to know that a 5-year-old’s birthday party can be a fun and exciting event to plan. The party pack is an essential component of any successful celebration.

What to Put in a 5 Year Old Party Pack

No doubt, the important day of your child can be made even more unforgettable with the help of a well-prepared party box that is packed with entertaining and exciting items.

Sit tight and relax as we look at some wonderful suggestions for things to include in a 5-year-old party pack to make sure the celebration is one the kid will never forget.

What to Put in a 5 Year Old Party Pack?

Below are some amazing and lovable items to include in a party pack for your five-year-old:

1. A Themed Invitation

By putting themed invites in the party pack, the excitement can be built up early.

Whether the party’s overarching theme is superheroes, princesses, animals, or beloved cartoon characters, choose invites that reflect that.

Also, include all pertinent information, such as the party’s date, time, and location.

2. Accessories and Party Hats

A festive headpiece is a must-have for every celebration. Give each child the opportunity to feel like a star by including colourful party hats or crowns in the party kit.

Additionally, think about incorporating additional party-themed accessories like paper masks, bracelets, or necklaces. These things inspire imaginative play and provide wonderful backdrops for pictures.

3. Toys and Little Games

Use toys and small games to keep the young attendees occupied during the party. Pick puzzles, mini-puzzles, mini-colouring books, or sticker sets if you’re shopping for younger children.

These games and activities can be a hit during quieter times or as a part of planned competitions and tournaments.

4. Healthy Snacks

What to put in a 5 year old party pack? While sweet delicacies are frequently served at gatherings, it’s also vital to carry some nutritious snacks.

Also, think about including granola bars, tiny packs of dried fruits, or individually wrapped fruit snacks.

This not only encourages a balanced diet but also provides for kids with food sensitivities or restrictions.

To make sure you are aware of any special dietary needs, be sure to ask the parents first.

5. Personalized Souvenirs

Include little, personalized souvenirs to give the party pack a personal touch. Keychains, personalized stickers, and miniature photo frames are examples of this.

Personalized products can act as a remembrance of an enjoyable occasion and help generate enduring memories.

6. Bubbles and Small Outdoor Toys

If the party is being held outside, adding bubbles and small outdoor toys might be a nice touch.

Small balls, bubble wands, or miniature Frisbees can keep kids occupied and moving as they enjoy the outdoors.

Additionally, the kids that are visiting can engage in interactive play with these products.

7. Fun Event Favours

Add some fun party favours that the kids can take home to round off the party package.

You can think of buying tiny things like party-themed temporary tattoos, mini-puzzles, or miniature miniatures.

These gifts add to the celebration’s enthusiasm while also serving as a thank-you for coming.

What do You Put in a Kids Party Pack?

What do You Put in a Kids Party Pack?

It’s crucial to take into account the age of the children, their interests, and the party’s overall theme while assembling a party pack for them. Here are a few popular things to add:

  1. Drinks: Provide individual juice boxes or tiny water bottles for the children so they may stay hydrated throughout the celebration.
  2. Easy craft supplies: Include easy craft supplies for the kids to use at the party or take home as party favours, such as coloured pencils, crayons, or tiny craft kits.
  3. Temporary tattoos or face paint: Kids adore face paint and temporary tattoos. For some extra excitement, include themed temporary tattoos or face-painting kits.

However, when you are choosing items for a party pack, keep in mind the age range of the kid. Also, pay attention to particular dietary requirements or allergies of the kids.

Additionally, ensure you adapt the content to the party’s theme and the kids who will be attending to reflect their interests. The event might be enhanced for the young attendees with a thoughtful party bag.

Bottom Line

Creating a well-designed party pack can increase the fun and excitement of a 5-year-old’s birthday celebration.

As stated above, you can make the party unique for your child and their guests by including themed invites, party hats, games, nutritious snacks, personalized keepsakes, outdoor toys, and party favours.


Also, the consideration of the party theme and making sure everything is age-appropriate is essential.

The party pack can be a great surprise for the kids in attendance with a bit of imagination and consideration, making the event genuinely special. So what are you waiting for, go get that party pack ready.

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